Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children - 07/01/15

May 24, 2017

13.08 Saturday 3rd January 2015 Tynecastle. Jason Cummings has just opened up another tin of beans and deservedly put Hibs one up in the derby. The one time hearts youth player and supporter lets out two years of frustration during his celebration and proceeds to let the home support know where his allegiences lie now. I lept out of my seat in the main stand along with thousands of jambos and instead of giving some “banter” back to the teenager decided to shout and moan for a yellow card to be handed out for the over zealous but harmless celebration. I immediately felt dirty and in need of a wash. At that moment I had become the very harbengour of fake offence that I cannot abide.

Why does it feel like our lives are full of Maud Flanders proclaiming to be offended by everything they encounter in life whilst secretly crave the same black humour or lads banter that was deemed acceptable not so long ago. There was a time I could watch the attitude era WWE full of adult content And sexual innuendo every Friday night and laugh out loud at the antics of shows such as Bottom and Men Behaving Badly. Now such shows and characters seem to be deemed relics and studio executives seem hell bent on taking action based on the angry letters of a handful of people so what we get left with for comedy these days is Miranda.

Surely people dont change to that extent. It would just seem that most of us like nothing more these days than to take to social media and take offence at the latest antics of internet trolls.

This behaviour is common place amongst football fans these days. Take the Leigh Griffiths incident in the Roseburn bar last year for example. Yes the lad is in the public eye and needs to show a bit more intelligence in situations like the one he was involved in but his comments were more ignorant than offensive. Rather than ask Rudi Skacel if he was offended most of us decided to be offended in his absense and take to twitter to to vent our fury. CHOO CHOO! All aboard the fake outrage train.

It would seem that we football supporters want it all our own way. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have sat behind fans berating the likes of Derek Riordan for the majority of the game only for the player to respond which in turn causes the same people to complain to stewards and policeman looking for action to be taken.

Why can’t we all accept that it’s give and take and let our players enjoy themselves during the games. No more yellows for celebrating and when we all cry out for characters in the game like Cummings and Walker, lets not publicy hang them for expressing themselves in the way they do. A bit of swagger and cockiness in a player should be embraced and taken for what is in the theatre that is a football game. We want our heroes and our villians on matchday but there should be less scrutiny on the behaviour of most good natured fans and players in the papers and on social media in the aftermath of a game.

Thanks for reading and please leave any feedback below. Scott.