I’ve Got You Under My Skin - 26/11/14

May 24, 2017

Amongst all the chat and analysis over the the 2-0 win for Hearts at the weekend, there seemed to be a performance that was not picked up on much by many sections of the press when looking at some of the poor decision making made by senior Rangers players. Lee McCulloch was guilty of trying to referee the game at times, was ran ragged by James Keatings in the second half & don’t get me started on that pitiful dive in the first half. His ability to rub me up the wrong way during most games I have watched him in got me to thinking about other players past and present that had that great knack of getting under my skin.

Here are some of my favourite picks:

David Weir – During his Rangers days thought he was Richard Gough and seemed to be consistently in the referees ear. Along with Alan Mclaren seemed to be dragged down a little by playing the Rangers way.

Tommy Turner – A tache to grace the greatest Liverpool team but not the ability. Always seemed to be whinging at younger players with more ability and looked like a school janitor not a footballer.

Scott Brown – Not so much a knock on him but the reaction his average performances garner from the press at times always seems to get on my wick.

Gary Mcswegan – Decent player in his day buy as a youngster I would always get infuriated with him and his Kardashianesque backside always being caught offside.

Ritchie Foran – One of many hardened Spl veterans that perform swan dives anytime he is blown on by an opposition player. Disgusting bully who found his place in a couple of Butcher sides.

Stephen Simmons – Billy big time attitude and I still remember him cheering on hearing the celtic Juventus score during a cold midweek cup exit in Dingwall.

John Mcglynn – Nice guy and good Hearts man but my god how his tactical ineptitude had me tearing my hair out most weeks. The insipid cup performance at Easter Road is one of the worst witnessed in my time as a Hearts fan.

Kenny Shiels – a Junior level manager who thinks too highly of himself and his teams. His attempts at mind games are laughable.