Always Offended, Never Ashamed - 10/12/14

May 24, 2017

It’s been three days since Ann Budge released her statement condemning elements of both the Hearts and Celtic support after another poison filled fixture between the sides. During the past 48 hours many fans, pundits and ex pros have had their say with most saluting the stance that the new Hearts supremo has taken on a subject which has cast a dark cloud over the Scottish game for too long. Now this is not going to be a stone throwing exercise to try and claim the moral high ground, in a general sense Hearts fans on the whole need to dispense with certain songs and continue to police games themselves as has been evident at some away games over the last few seasons. I personally also cannot play the part of a shrinking violet due to my teenage years being spent in the stands shouting pure vitriol at many footballers on match day. I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the reaction of certain people with links to Celtic and the club’s own rebuttal to the Ann Budge statement.

Charlie Nicholas is a fine example of someone who should not be seen nor heard. His desperate attempts to halt his descent into middle aged life are a continuous irritant to myself but that doesn’t come close to the anger I feel whenever I have the misfortune to read one of his articles in the Daily Express. Take his column this week for example. Instead of taking the opportunity to back the Budge statement and condemn the thugs who vandalised the Roseburn stand, he decided to drudge up bitter memories of playing at Tynecastle back in the 80’s recounting stories of sectarian abuse and being spat on. Two questions came to mind when reading this tale of Jackanory. Question one is why is an ex pro with an opportunity to help try and calm down the situation deciding to instead provoke more negative reaction and question two how did he know it was a hearts fan who was abusing him if it was a Scotland youth game? This man is a joke who even most Celtic fans do not have time for and in my eyes should never be asked to discuss any aspect of the Scottish game.

Anthony Stokes – To be fair to the lad he has his own mind and I applaud him for at least engaging with some Hearts fans on twitter. Now the only problem with this is given his loose commections with a certain rebelious gang, surely Celtic’s PR team should be trying to make sure the lad keeps his distance from such a debate. If Anthony Stokes is being personally subjected to abuse that goes past the usual football banter then that is uncalled for but I think Stokes should maybe be looking at himself and thinking do I ever say or do anything that brings these feeling out of certain individuals.

Celtic FC – A club that for too long has made good business out of being offended at every turn. Their response this week has been laughable to say the least. Firstly they create stories of fans trying to get on the pitch last week, a story with no proof whatsoever, then they begin to act like sulky teenagers proclaiming” well they did it first” and” they keep picking on us”! When will this club man up and realise that they should be catering for the majority of decent Celtic supporters and not for the vocal minority who need politics and religion in their football diet because the product on the park is boring them to tears. Instead of joining Ann Budge in lambasting both sets of fans they spouted the usual tired cliche “well we will look into this”.